Online Mold Help is a website that offers free help and information on mold problems in your home or business. Dan Brave, owner of Online Mold Help, has over 25 years of inspecting experience and over 35 years in construction and project renovation. He has a Florida state license for both Mold Assessment and Home Inspection and uses this through us other business Expert Mold Test. He also holds relevant certifications, including one from the American Institute of Inspectors in Mold Screening and Sampling and another from the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors in Infrared Cameras, the state-of-the-art technology his company uses to detect invisible, airborne mold. Mr. Brave is an expert in the mold department.

About The Owner – Mr. Dan Brave

Mr. Brave, over the years, we, at Expert Mold Test, bravely tested thousands of private and professional buildings, including homes, apartments, schools, offices, medical facilities, and places of worship. He have set a standard for unparalleled customer service for home and business owners in the Florida area. He is taking this knowledge and experience and offering advice to home and business owners.

Our Mission

Our mission, at Online Mold Help, is to make your home and work environment safer and cleaner. And, if you need more than a question asked, our skilled professionals can be called upon to diagnose your entire mold problem, from start to finish. We do not provide the remediation portion, but we can connect you with an expert who does. We return post-remediation to make sure the clean up process was a success.

Please use our site and our recommended products to keep your family, yourself and your home safe from mold related problems.